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From the SECURE and CARES Acts to new best interest legislation, 2020 has introduced landmark changes adding opportunities for relief, as well as the potential for confusion and costly mistakes. COVID-19 has also triggered historic market volatility, economic disruption and financial uncertainty at macro and micro levels across America.

Your employees, staff and clients all deserve to feel empowered in their financial options! They need timely, relevant and actionable information to be informed and to make decisions with confidence. Give them these tools with live virtual education from nationally recognized financial experts and thought leaders at OneTeam Financial

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Two Dirty Little Words That Can Impact Your Family & Retirement: LIFE INSURANCE

Critical updates your policies require in 2020

Life insurance is often one of the largest and most neglected financial assets. Today more than ever we want to ensure that your permanent life insurance policy is adequately funded, and you are protected. Older policies that used to make sense may no longer be in your best interest today. The economic results of COVID-19 have impacted insurance companies’ ability to maintain their current crediting rates and dividends. Unless action is taken, you may either have to pay more or get less from your insurance policies! Do you know what you are actually being charged on your life insurance (not the premium)? In this session, you will learn how to optimize your life insurance as part of your holistic financial plan all in line with the new best interest standards.

Dave-Buckwald756 x 750

SPEAKER: Dave Buckwald, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC®

CEO & Founder | Head of Insurance Portfolio Review & Wealth Transfer

Dave has been providing financial advice and guidance to individuals, families and business owners for more than 30 years with specialties, including life insurance, estate planning and wealth transfer strategies. From losing his own father at a young age to the tragic loss of 51 friends and clients in the North Tower on 9/11, Dave has a deeply personal understanding of the complications and stress that come from lacking an organized and coordinated written financial plan. These experiences have filled Dave with a steadfast commitment and unparalleled passion that drives his vision for OneTeam Financial: To make sure that no family or business of ours will ever be left unprotected and not have their whole financial house in order. In addition to being a highly-credentialed advisor, Dave is also a respected thought leader within the financial industry, a sought-after speaker, media resource and active advocate for numerous local charities throughout New Jersey.


“Every once in a while, you get lucky—you come across someone who has a passion and cares so deeply about making an impact on people’s lives—that’s Dave Buckwald.”

“Dave possesses the unique ability to simplify complex topics and communicate them effectively. As a result, clients gain the knowledge and confidence to implement these strategies into their financial plans.”

Is Your Retirement Safe from the Tax Man?

The single largest expense that most retirees face today is taxes. How can you feel confident that you won’t run out of money in retirement—even when future tax rates skyrocket? In a complex and constantly changing environment, considering tax strategies as a part of your overall retirement plan is essential. This session will help identify common pitfalls and opportunities to pay the least amount of taxes on your retirement income possible so you can keep more of your hard-earned money and better protect your family.

Greg Dillon

SPEAKER: Greg Dillon, CFA®, CFP®, CLTC®
Founding Partner | Head of Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning

With more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Greg is a highly credentialed expert on investment strategies and retirement planning. As the president of the Red
Bank Chapter of the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA), he is a frequent
speaker bringing a breadth of experiences and a knack of providing clarity to important and complex topics.


“We were both amazed at the myriad of options that were available to us and
how much money we could have lost.” — Fred and Jean Palma

“Greg opened my eyes to dangers that I had no idea were lurking in my retirement portfolio.
I wish I had seen him speak ten years ago.” — Workshop attendee

Social Security and COVID-19: New Strategies to Maximize Benefits

As the primary source of income for many American retirees, Social Security is critical to evaluate as part of your overall retirement plan. Particularly in light of COVID-19, you may be considering filing for benefits early. To avoid becoming a part of the 90% of filers that leave earned money on the table, learn the considerations and claiming strategies to optimize your benefits. From identifying potential changes due to COVID-19 to minimizing taxation to qualifying for spousal, ex-spousal and survivor benefits—learn how to maximize your retirement income benefits so you can feel empowered with making the right decision for you and your family.

Ash Ahluwalia

SPEAKER: Ash Ahluwalia, CFP®, MBA
Head of Social Security Planning

Named National Social Security Advisor of the Year, Ash Ahluwalia is one of the foremost experts on Social Security in America. With 30 years of experience and two Social Security certifications (National Social Security AdvisorSM and Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies (CSSCS)), Ash specializes in advising on how to maximize eligible retirement benefits from Social Security.


“A simple takeaway from Ash’s presentation is: DO NOT wait until retirement to start reviewing, discussing and planning your Social Security filing options with a professional! Thank you, Ash, it was a pleasure working with you!” — Betsy and Jon Hunt

“Ash’s analysis made the process simple to understand and easy to execute. We recommend him to anyone who is trying to fully understand the benefits available to them.” — Mark and Judith Chabra

Medicare Makeover Post COVID-19: 
Changing Times Require a Change in Plans for Your Family

Does choosing Medicare coverage feel like reading alphabet soup? It can be a complicated process most retirees didn’t anticipate made even more important by COVID-19. Learn how to navigate the enrollment process, including what Parts A, B, C & D are, how they coordinate together, which supplements make sense for you, the difference between original Medicare and Medicare Advantage (Part C). In this session, we will help remove the mystery so you can identify the proper coverage for your needs and help you maximize your benefits.

Rich Gustafson

SPEAKER: Rich Gustafson
Retirement Income Planning & Medicare Specialist

Rich Gustafson is a retirement income planning and Medicare specialist and leads the Senior Services Division at OneTeam Financial. He takes pride in educating his clients and their advisors on how the changing investment landscape can impact their ability to plan for the future.


“I was shocked and overwhelmed with the number of options and considerations that came with Medicare enrollment at age 65! Rich clearly has specialized knowledge that made my options easy-to-understand.”
— Workshop attendee

“Healthcare is such a major unknown expense to plan for in retirement; I appreciated Rich’s insights to help me make informed choices for my family’s needs.”
— Workshop attendee


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