Social Security Planning

Social Security Retirement Income benefits typically represent 30-60% of one’s retirement income. However, over 90% of recipients fail to maximize their eligible benefits. By carefully structuring your filing elections, you can increase your Social Security annual income by as much as 76%!

With over 2,700 rules governing Social Security, determining your optimal filing strategy may be a challenging endeavor indeed. However, there are also some opportunities we can share with you a number of strategies that are available to increase your eligible income benefits.

One Team Financial is proud to partner with National Social Security Partners, LLC (“NSSP”), one of the nation’s leading professional firm dedicated exclusively to social security planning and strategies. NSSP is an independent firm that charges flat fees for its services. One Team Financial does not receive any compensation from NSSP and has entered into this partnership to provide clients a resource to receive quality social security advice.

As you plan for retirement, let us help you by reviewing your eligible Social Security Retirement income options. Please watch the 90-second video below which highlights this very important retirement income planning opportunity.

Medicare Planning

As part of One Team Financial’s “holistic planning” approach, we saw the overwhelming need to help educate and assist individuals becoming eligible for Medicare Benefits. One Team Financial speciality services include:

  • Enrollment into Medicare Parts A&B.
  • Education on what clients expect to pay in Part B premiums and all facets of Medicare budgeting.
  • Education and recommendation of the best Medicare Supplement plan or Advantage plan to enroll in based on budget.
  • A customized Part D Prescription Drug analysis and recommendation.
  • Cost/benefits analysis when comparing Original Medicare versus a retiree plan.
  • Review current Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans to see if there is a better, or more cost-effective option.

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